Sober living is one of the most crucial steps of addiction recovery, giving people early in sobriety the opportunity to have a supportive, safe and structured home to build the tools they need to maintain long term sobriety.

Recreate Your Life

Recognizing that tools and skills learned in treatment are the foundation for success, sober living is the key to learning how to apply these things in everyday life. Stepping Stone Recovery will help you grow, set goals and help you re-create your life.

Life After Treatment

The support and structure of sober living allows you to go back to work or school confident, knowing you have the support of your peers in a drug/alcohol free and safe environment as everyday challenges and changes occur in your life.
Referrals for Outpatient Programs, Therapists, Life Coaches, and Attorneys.

Located in the flourishing recovery community of Scottsdale, Stepping Stone Recovery has resources and relationships within the treatment community to provide you access to the best inpatient or outpatient treatment programs. Every person’s needs will vary, but we are armed with resources to ensure your success!

Safety and Structure

Safety and structure are our number 1 priorities. Research shows that the more time a person in the beginning stages of recovery spend in a structed and supportive environment, the greater their chances are of achieving long term sobriety. We are modeled to embody this fact, providing you the environment, tools and structure you need to get your life back.

Drug Testing

One aspect of ensuring a healthy, structured environment is having weekly supervised check-ins. By having weekly meetings, we allow residents to disclose what they’re struggling with, inside and outside the home. We also have a zero-tolerance drug and alcohol policy. Random breathalyzer and urine analysis take place weekly.

Self-Worth and Accountability. Becoming accountable to your peers, sponsor and program is a vital foundation for long term sobriety. Having accepted responsibility for your recovery and actions, a person in early recovery will rebuild self-worth.